Saturday, January 26, 2013

Endowments in Manti Temple

Today Todd received his Endowments in the Manti Temple.

Last night Dad, Mom and Todd drove to Nephi to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's for the night. (Jessica was nice and came to our house to stay with Jayci (10 yrs old) for the weekend).

 That evening Troy, Sam, Brenton, Alyssa, and Trevor stopped in Nephi so we could see those cute kids (can't believe I didn't take a picture!) then they went and spent the night in Chester with Sam's parents.

Today we had Todd to the Temple just before noon, took the top picture of him just before he walked in. The Temple President, Pres Grimshaw, is a cousin to our Stake President Brough, and the Temple Prep teacher in our ward, Worth Grimshaw, so we went to Pres Grimshaw's office so Todd could tell him hello from his cousins. All the cute Temple workers were so nice and took good care of Todd.

Grandma and Grandpa Jolley drove through the rain clear from Enterprise this morning, Krystal (from Saratoga Springs) and Kathleen came, Troy & Sam and Grandpa Anderson were also there (Grandma A was sick unfortunately)
We had such a beautiful day in the Temple, it was so wonderful to be with Todd at this special time, he just glowed! The Church is so true!

Afterwards we went out to eat with our fun group (wish I had gotten the picture before Kathleen & Krystal had to leave). It certainly was a special day, in preparation for Todd's serving his mission!