Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 29, 2013

I wish I had more time to email! You hardly have time to do anything as a missionary, life is very busy. And that is good. Our Pday was changed to today because we were able to go to the LA temple! It was so nice. I love the temple. I'm gona try and request the calling of being a temple worker when I get home. ;) This week has been really good though. Elder Lo is a great companion, we study english every day and he is getting better, more people can understand him and he is able to follow conversations a little better. The people are tough to crack here, we don't have any solid investigators right now so we are mostyl just hitting the streets hard every day. Being district leader is a really neat opportunity becuase you are able to apply a different part of missionary work and that's administering to the other missionaries and helping their needs and areas. It has really been cool to see the living gospel happen. I see why it is the toughest but best years of your life. The weather is still good... in case anyone was doubting.
I will definantly keep dad in my prayers even more now that he will be having surgery. But I bet he is excited to get that taken care of. He will be good to go once I get home and we can go back packing and wrestle. I will keep you all in my prayers, we pray a lot. I love you all!
Love Elder Jolley

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