Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct 7, 2013

I was nervous last week that maybe you had joined the original city of Enoch since I didn't hear from you. Haha that is strange though that the email you wrote didn't send. I did get it this week though with the pictures as well. It is always good to hear how everyone is doing. The three girls look like they had fun up in the mountains. I miss the mountains so much. When I first got here I thought that "hey I wouldn't mind living here one day, it would be nice". Now though I don't think I would move here if I had the choice. I miss just having open space, not even to be in but to at least just look at. Everything is so crammed here and packed in. But that is nice for being a missionary, I think there is over 2 million people in this little 20 by 20 mile area. Transfers are this week and sadly Elder Varney is leaving and going to Long Beach. We were here together only 1 transfer but it was his 3rd. Tuesday I am going to get my new companion who has been out 18ish months but can't communicate in english too well. He was straight out of china when he got here. So this is going to be exciting to get him, I am excited. I am in the same district and the District Leader still. I enjoy being able to help people that actually want it! No but really it is an awesome learning experience for me, they have taught me so much.
That was really nice of Sister Simmons to say that about me. She wouldn't be able to though if it was just me that would go into their families home. I had the Elder companion and the Spirit companion (<-- most important one). But they were a really good family, they took very good care of us.
That is sad to hear about grandma Anderson, I hope she is feeling better by now. I will keep her in my prayers.
Conference was so good. I am jealous that you all were able to attend some of the sessions. If that's how they have been all along I have missed alot in my life. There is so much pertinent teachings and lessons to be learned and the spirit teaches you even more. Conference is a really cool experience. I watched it all at the Stake Center.
Well family, I love you all. I hope you have a good week!
Elder Jolley

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