Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18, 2013

Dear Family,
It is always so good to hear how everyone is getting along. That is a big accomplishment 60 years! Good job grandma and grandpa, good job. They are so cute, in the first picture grandpas hair looks a lot whiter than I remember it being.
 Inline image 1That sounds like a fun party, that is cool they even had high school friends come as well.
That is the cutest, Connor and Cannon's Halloween costumes,  haha! Janessa is always doing cute fun stuff with her kids. They are getting so big!
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That is sad that there have been several deaths there in your Stake last week especially the really young guy of cancer. It is so good to have the knowledge that we do. makes life a little easier. The gospel brings us hope. But I can just imagine Dad being there at any point that anybody needs him, he is such a great man. I learn so much by his example.

Life here has been crazy. We have transfers again and I am with Elder Dean! I don't know if I have told you about him but he is awesome. He is from Alabama and was my zone leader in Huntington Beach and in cypress as well. We are going to be over 2 wards, the cypress 5 and Park wards, One is a family ward and one is a singles ward. I am so excited to be with him, we are going to be able to do so much work together. It was sad leaving Elder Lo though, it was a good experience being with him, I learned a lot. President Tew is an awesome man and is making so many changes in the this mission for the better. It is entirely different from what it use to be. Not that Pres Bubert was bad, it was just time for change.

I was on exchanges with Elder Dean 2 sundays ago as well and the day before he informed me that we were singing in sacrament meeting and so I had to do that, it was so funny. It was 4 of us that sang for a missionaries farewell sacrament departure. I don't know how good we turned out being but it was so funny. Everyone said that it was good, but no news is usually good news and we got a lot of news so... haha

There was also a Veterans day parade that we helped with. We had like 18 missionaries that we had volunteer. And then they let us be the last people in the parade. One of the high council members was a veteran in the parade and he lead us in his uniform and we followed him. It was way cool to do, we had bikes and we made a mighty duck V behind him. People all clapped and waved and cheered for us. It was a really good public rep opportunity. The stake public relations guy that set it up for us was super excited for it and it was a success.

Elder Dean and I have already got quite a few people that we are teaching. Daren is a father of a part member family. They are probably in their late 40's and the mom has been active thier whole marriage for the most part. their kids are all pretty solid too. 3 of them married and one in college and the last in HS. We have had several sweet spiritual lessons with him and his time is coming soon. Elder Dean is a masterful teacher, I am going to be able to learn so much from him. We also have a YSA girl Kassie that we have taught several times that has a Bapt date for dec 22 so that is really exciting too. And a black guy named Darren that we found this past week that has alot alot of potential. We had 4 inv at church this past week! This transfer with Elder Dean is going to be so good, we are able to do good work together. Right now is defiantly the busiest and most teaching I have done so far. It is so nice to be able to help people.

Life is still good here in sunny california. Is it snowing there yet? It is crazy what is going on in the world. The Philippines- the bishop of the singles ward has a son that is in the mission that was hit dead on. He is okay but it was scary how they didn't know the all the missionaries situations for a while but it is a miracle they all turned out the be fine. His son is going to come home early though because he had less than 3 transfers and because of it they are sending alot of them home if they have that much time left. But then also the tornadoes in Illinois! How many was it, 57 or something? That is crazy, things are really starting to happen and pick up... the time for preperation is getting shorter and shorter. I am glad to hear everything is good at home still! I love you all! Have a good week.
Love, Elder Jolley

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