Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2, 2013

Dear family,
Sorry you didn't get an email from me last week! It sounds like it was a good week for you though. Thanksgiving is always a fun Holiday. Especially going out to Enterprise, it is always a lot of sun there. Tell Angel and Wade congratulations for me!!! That is so exciting they are having a baby! That is going to be so fun for their family, I love them. How far along is she? That is going to be one lucky baby going into that family.That is going to be an adventure for Troy and Sam moving to Mesquite. Jamie's family is always so awesome, it's good to hear that things are taking off for them in New Zealand. They are having so many original and neat experiences. That is still too bad about Dad's back, that will be nice to get it fixed in not too long. I'm keeping you in my prayers Dad. 

Things are way good here. We have been having alot of success. I haven't baptized my whole mission so far, it's been kinda tough getting people to progress. But as of like the past several weeks things have been so sweet. Lastnight we set a guy named Daren with a date for Dec 29! It is a part member family (Daren is the dad and is the only nonmember) his wife is a solid mormon and they have 5 kids. So ever since they got married 25 or more years ago I would guess missionaries have been coming by. But now he is prepared, it goes to show that things are on the Lords time. We can try to speed things up or slow them down but we will be wrong. We have just got to align ourselves with God and we will never be wrong. 

Also we are over a singles ward as well as the a family ward (the one Daren is in) and in the singles ward we have a solid girl that is going to get baptized dec 22. Her name is Kassie and she is super solid. David is another black YSA guy that we are teaching too! We have a date for dec 15 with him too but I think that one might get pushed back maybe. We will see with him during our next lesson. Those are the most promising people we have right now. More than I have had my whole mission no doubt! For Thanksgiving we went to Daren's house (our investigator) and that was a lot of fun. Their family reminds me of our family and so it was fun to be with them. We also had a less active family invite us over so it was good to build relationships and still do missionary work on a holiday that would have been tough to otherwise. 

Well I love hearing from yall. I hope this Christmas season is special for you. It is so neat being a missionary during times like these. I love you all!
Elder Jolley

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