Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9, 2013

Hey family! How have things been going at home? I hope you have been getting into the season, I love Christmas time. We weren't able to watch the christmas devotional yesterday because we are going to watch it as a mission together a little closer to christmas. I love things like that now, I used to think it was a good nap time but it is now what I live for!

This week was good here, we had 3 investigators that were suposed to come to church with members lined up to  give them rides but they all fell through. We had Daren at church though. He is so solid! I am so excited for him. We watched the Joseph Smith hour long movie with him and his family becuase he said he said he wanted to learn more about him and so we did and it was perfect. His wife is a member and in their private conversation she told us that she had asked him if he is close to make his decision on baptism (we invited him for the 29) and he said quote "I think I am about 9 1/2. What do you think about that?!?" so he is right there.

It is really cool to see the gospel work in peoples lives. I love you all! Keep me updated on what is going on at home! I love hearing how all ALL of you are doing. I love you all!

Elder Jolley

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