Monday, March 18, 2013

First letter from California

Dear Family,
      This is cool to have 2 of us out (me in California and Julene serving in Russia), doesn't happen very often. It was fun to be able to talk with you guys when I was at the airport. The flight went well, fun first experience flying.
   When we landed we went to the mission office where we got our companions. My companion is actually white but was going Cambodian speaking in Long Beach. So that is neat, I've learned alot about that while being with him. We were white washed into the area so it was good trying to just get connections and start things rolling. They have and things are well. It is very diverse as well, we have taught all sorts of people like whites, blacks, Mexicans  Brazilians  Italians  Asians  and others I don't even know, I'm loving it. My comp (Elder Hicken) is a great trainer and we are working hard. It's only been 3 weeks but I feel like this is the only thing I know now. It's funny because since being out I've had dejavou so many times and so many people remind me of people I've know. The MTC was fun but this is defiantly better being in the field. We are also staying in a members home so that is very kind of them. The weather is so nice or maybe a little on the warm side from coming from snow. People will be out with jackets on saying how cold it is and i'm sweating. But it is nice. I'm in the Huntington Beach area and we go right up to the ocean, it is beautiful. But with even just St Patricks day it is defiantly going to be a party happening place so we will have to be careful and watch out for that. That is a cool story about Grandpa, missionary work doesn't only happen when your on a mission   That is too bad about Jayci, I'm glad she is okay though. Could you send me Jamie and Jayson's email? Well we've got to get going, but it is awesome out here and i'm loving it. This is going to be a great 2 years!
     love, Elder Jolley

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