Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Letter from Pres Bubert

Dear Brother & Sister Jolley,
   It was a pleasure for Sis Bubert and me to welcome your son, Elder Jolley, to the California Long Beach Mission. He arrived the 12th of March, bringing with him an enthusiasm that uplifts the entire mission. We welcomed your son with fresh cinnamon rolls at the Mission Office followed by an orientation and lunch. He was then assigned to his new companion/trainer, Elder Hicken. By 6:00 pm they, as a new companionship, were proselyting.

   Our greatest desire is that your son will have a successful and spiritual mission, one that will be a blessing eternally. Your encouragement, your prayers and communication with him are essential. It greatly strengthens your missionary when he receives encouragement from home. The means of communication will be by letters or e-mail. E-mail communication can be used only on P-days, which in our mission is on Monday.

   We are in close contact with your son and the zone leaders over him. If you ever have a need for urgent communication with him beyond your weekly exchange of letters or e-mail, please call Sister Bubert or myself. We will be most happy to assist you.

Very truly yours,
President Ted F. Bubert II
California Long Beach

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