Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

You guys are busy wow! It is weird seeing pictures of our yard, it seems like forever since i've seen it! That looks like you had alot of fun for your birthday mom, i'm glad everyone there treated you right. What is jessica up tp now? is she still going to school and working at the hospital? It's so nice seeing everyone so happy and busy and enjoying life. (There are people here that enjoy life a little bit too much though so be careful ;) ) Is troys truck still at the house or have you been able to sell it too? You guys are the best parents in the world!
      Sister Morphy told me that she had found you on facebook, I bet your glad about that because she said she had sent a picture so now you finally have one! I will try to remember next week to bring the camera cord so I can send more. The Morphy family is so awesome. I've got a long ways to go but when I'm at that point in life I want to be like their family.
       The ward here is so supportive of missionary work. Any activity is a missionary activity. Today they are having a memorial day picnic at a park and some one in the ward donated pony rides, there are going to be grills going all day and just tons of activities and EVERYONE has invited people (sis Morphy invited like 6 families I think!) and so that is going to be an awesome activity, great missionary opportunity. Also starting next week the ward is going to be doing a 40 day fast. Last year they had done this when there was very little progressing missionary work going. So each day is given to a different person or family to fast on. After last years 40 day fast I think they had a baptism for 6 months straight and reactivated alot of members so this is going to be awesome, i'm excited. This ward is so good.
We have been doing alot of proselyting (as usual) and have found several people. Lenny seems like he has the most potential. He is early 60's and is just a non-denominational christian. Has his own "original views and thoughts" about religion (as every other person we talk to does) (so really they aren't very original because you hear the same things all day everyday) but he really is trying to do good and be a good person. We have had 2 lessons with him this past week and he was going to be at church but cancelled at the last minute. But we have had those 2 solid lessons and during one we were talking about baptism and he was telling us how he has been baptized twice now. Once when he was young. And another time just last week in fact! He felt like he needed to be baptized again and show God his loyalty so what would the logical thing be to do? He hopped on his beach cruiser and rode down to the beach and baptized himself. Everyone watching and they asked what he was doing and he told them and they were all impressed and told him it was beautiful. So he really was trying to do something good but we have a lot of work to do. He talks to alot of different religions all the time. But we are working very hard with him. Things are good here in HB. transfers are comeing up here soon so we will see if me and my comp both stick around, I hope so. Thank you for keeping me updated! I love you all!
Elder Jolley

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