Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing so well. It crazy to think how much everyone will change by the time I get home, I won't be able to recognize my whole family! I hope things work out with Jamie's family to be able to gain residency in New Zealand, that is so exciting for them. Janessa's family is getting so big and all their kids are so outgoing, that is cool the are so actively connected. It is fun to be able to see Tyler's kids in all the pictures as well, Dustin is really growing up. Troy is a great example to me of hard work and what I get to do when I get back. I wish I had time to write everyone back individually! I love Hearing the updates and how and what everyone is up to.

I'm so excited that this next week is mothers day! Seems like I was just with you guys but it will be so nice to talk with you. I should be calling around 3ish on sunday and we will be able to just use our cell phone. But we are trading phones with another set of missionaries so you can't keep calling me after Mothers Day ;) Not that you guys would but that is just the rule.

The work has really been picking up still this past week. People really aren't too receptive at all and are very set in their ways. Alot of people have their millions of dollars houses and a car for every day of the week (a little exaggerated) and so they don't really see what 2 young guys on bike have for them that they can't buy. But the more faith we have and the harder we work, the more we are able to teach. This past week it seems that no one will talk to us and we feel like we have struck out for the day but we say one more and it's a hard no and we say we 'we have time for one more' and it's another closed door and finally down to the last possible minute we finally get in and are able to teach a lesson. I've really gained a testimony of enduring to the end. We have been able to teach a lesson everyday now because of it. It is hard to get the people we teach to progress still but a few have and that makes it all worth it, seeing people become happier and be blessed because of the gospel.

 I look forward to being able to talk to you all on the phone next week! I love you all so much and thank you for the support.
Love, Elder Jolley

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