Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Sorry that I wasn't able to write a letter last week! Things are so busy here and I'm happy about that but it just doesn't leave time for emailing too much. I am doing well so don't worry.

The second transfer started and me and my companion (Elder Hicken) are staying. Which is good because things are really starting to move along. He is a great trainer and I'm learning alot. My gospel knowledge has grown like 10X as well. It is so fun learning now, I love it. I think I learn so much because now I have the questions of my investigators to answer. Answers were always right there in the Bible or Book of Mormon but I didn't have the questions. And so now it just is so amazing.

We have had some funny talks with people though. We ran into several 'prophets' that go into 'other dimensions' and have supernatural powers and can turn into dragons and such. And when it gets evening time there are quite a few drunk people and even more so on the weekends obviously. You can smell weed all over the place but they say Long Beach is worse so that will be fun. I am loving it though, the people are really awesome here and most of the time pretty nice and usually very educated. I am still surprised at how religious people are and how much they really know, I have so much more learning to go. There are always answers to their questions and objections though, the gospel is so true and pure. We just need to find out all the answers!

Thanks for the pictures you sent.
I miss the mountains and the view from our house! Inline image 1
Jayci is getting so big, she is defiantly taller since I left, she'll probably be taller than me by the time I'm home.
Inline image 3
 Texas looks like they are pretty well off, I bet the crime rates have already dropped.
Inline image 4
Hey let me tell you Julene and Jessica, the basement is a fine place to be staying, you better treat it right for me until I get home and take it back ;) haha that is nice people asked about us at church. Our ward there is so nice. It is good to hear you are all doing well. I keep you in my prayers every day. I love you all!
Elder Jolley

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