Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

 Some good things have happened this week! We had an investigator at church yesterday. That went really well, he is very observant and comparative to what he already knows. Which he is very smart spiritually/religiously. We just have to get a few things straight for him so hopefully things keep progressing with him. Getting people to come to church is hard! Just getting people to let us in is pretty difficult too. It is a good challenge though, keeps us working hard, nothing comes easy.

The members we are staying with are so nice. Its a mom/grandma (Sis Taylor, late 60's) with her daughter (Jenny Early 30) and her husband (Mike early 30's) and their 2 kids (Andy 4.5 and Emma 1.5). We cooked lunch for them because they sometimes will have food for us when we come home for a meal. We made an Elder Hicken favorite of eggs, hot dogs, salsa, bbq sauce, and cheese on toasted bread. We think it's really good... I hope they did. It was funny too, Elder Hicken flushed his retainer down the toilet on accident.

Elder Hicken and I are getting good at teaching with each other. We have been doing ALOT of finding, because the majority of all the names that were in the area book were no good. So it's taken some time to get a little bit of a base to work with, but things are picking up. We are working towards having several people progressing in the next few weeks, so things are going good. It seems like everyday we have more work to do which is exactly what we want.

I want to hear more of how everyone else is doing too. It is already going by too fast, in a few week it'll be 1/12 over! I've got alot of work to do! I love you all!!
Elder Jolley

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