Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

 Dear Family,
I wish I had more time to write! I am so excited to have a Temple in Cedar City. That will work out so great. Maybe they will try and get it done fast so that it can be done before they start work on the St George Temple. We can still cross our fingers that they will build it on the hill in Enoch.

Conference was so good, we were able to watch it at our stake center. We were hopefully going to have a few people to some of the sessions, but they all fell through. That was too bad. This would have been a great one to have them be at.

Our appointment went good with the guy who tried to stop us from teaching last week. We had a member there  with us, Bro Bolin, and he is awesome. He actual does custom surf boards, and invented the Turbo Tunnel for surfboards, so you could actually check him out on the internet probably if you wanted to, he is referred to as 'The Greek'. It was good, though, we meet at the park because the guy wanted 'neutral ground' (interesting guy) and he brought 2 buddies along. It ended up being like a 2 hour meeting, but it was really good. His 2 buddies ended up actually being more open to listening,;the guy that stopped us, at first was just there to bash, I think, but it went well. I gave one of the friends a Book of Mormon at the end and talked to him. The work is picking up and starting to come together so we are so excited.

Everyone there seems like they are doing so good.Thanks for the pictures, the kids all look so cute, they are getting so big already. Tyler and Margret seem to be right at home in Texas. When will Tyson and Dawn be moving to AZ again? When I get home I'll have to just travel around to all of the siblings new places that they are at! I'm glad Troy and Sam are liking their area and ward. Tell Troy that as Ward Mission Leader he is an appreciated valuable asset for the missionaries.

I keep you all in my prayers every day! I hope everything keeps going well. I love you all!
Elder Jolley

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