Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Dear Family,
That is crazy that Julene is going to be home this weekend?!? Wow that went by so fast, that seems weird to me that she is going to be home and probably married with kids by the time I am home (tell her I said that ;) ) It is always so nice to hear how everyone is doing. Things are good here, my new company is way cool. His name is Elder Jensen and he is from Littleton, Colarado. I bet he feels like he is babysitting me even though I'm supposed to be his trainer, he is almost 23 yrs old. He basically came out here pre-trained so he makes my job easy. He has been really good to work with the past week and we have just been working hard. I feel like we both have the same attitude and desire so I feel like we both are always just wanting to work. I did feel the mantel get passed on to me once Elder Hicken left and I got a trainee and alot more responsibility. It is difficult to get people to progress and listen, they are very stuck in their ways and set with their life how it is. So we will keep searching for those that the Lord has prepared and are ready to hear the gospel. I would not think that at 18 yrs old I could be doing what I am at this point in my life, because it isn't me at all. The Lord blesses you so much and there is such and enabling power that allows you to do more than would ever be possible on your own. Thank you for your letters, they mean so much to me! Keep beeing the great examples you all are. I love you all.
Elder Jolley

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