Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Dear family,
It is always so good to hear from you! That is so fun that so much of the family is there, i'm sure that is such an enjoyable time. It is crazy to see how awesome our family is and how busy they are but are able to all gather together to see eachother. Families are so important, I love you all. I wish I was there to be able to help with the back yard too. It was nice, I was able to get out and dig some holes and move some dirt around and plant some trees for a ward member. Being able to get out and do some manual labor was refreshing. The little section they have for their orchard/garden is funny because there is no free land here. They are using a little corner of an oil pump yard and so the dirt is pretty bad. I'm glad they asked us to help though because service is my FAVORITE thing to do. If we can somehow help them out or get them to allow us to do work for them then they will usually open up and so that is my go too. It is very enjoyable too, I really like serving other people.
The Work of Salvation broadcast was so good. I don't know if you all had a chance to see it (it was sunday afternoon) and we were all so pumped after seeing it. Except for the facebook and blogging that we might have to do... I am not excited for that. They said that they are going to start phasing that into missions right away. I wanted to delete facebook! But it may be a good opportunity so we will see how it works out. Heather Jensen's companion has already been called to do facebook and blogging on her mission like a few times a week so it has already been used a little I guess. For some missionaries I think it will be hard to tract what they do on computers though so they hopefully will keep tight reigns on it. Trainging has been going well. It still amazes me how much God really helps you when you are doing his work. If it weren't for His help it would impossible. Having this work carried on the shoulders of young men and women 18-25 years old HA! if it wasn't true it would have fallen a long time ago.
I wish we had success stories to be able to tell you but we are still working as hard as ever. The success that we have is in the little everyday work of being able to actually get in a few doors. I have faith though that there are those out there that are the elect that God has prepared and are ready to hear the gospel. We have had several really good dicusions and lessons that will hopefully lead to something. This work is so enjoyable, I love being out here. I am sorry Julene that you had to go home ;) It is crazy that I have already been out almost 4 months, it goes quick! I love you all, I hope you all are having fun being able to spend time together. Have a good week!
Elder Jolle

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