Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2012 Happy Birthday!

Dear family,
Thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes! It made my day for sure. Holidays just aren't the same on a mission so it's nice to have the real world reminder that holidays are in fact alive and well and still celebrated. I hope no one get's offended that I am hardly ever able to resond to emails. I do love getting emails (and pictures) and being able to see everyone and their families and get updates and hear how everyone is doing. It is the highlight of the week so please keep them comeing. The downside of that deal for yall is that I am super pressed for email time and so I am not always able to respond but know that your emails are VERY MUCH appreciated.

This week has been awesome. We got our third companion to complete the trio and he is a nice Elder. He is from Oregon and is a visa waiter going to Brazil. It is very interesting trying to train 2 at once but it is also very fun. I really like being in the trio. I have already seen the blessings of it and so I am excited to have it longer.

The people we were hoping would come to church didn't show up. But we found another family on Thursday that is a mom and a 13yr old daughter, 12yr son, and 2yr son and had a good lesson with them about families. It is nice having a big family to be able to have so many examples and lessons to share with people. But we had a church tour set with them the following day (Friday) and it fell through, their car was having problems...

We have been having an explosive amount of street lessons and that is awesome. I am loving it. This week the surfing US Open started and so things in downtown Huntington are crazy (the only area we are serving in so we can't go else where) but it will be fun. We had alot of success on the 4th with the church open house, so I think this will be a success too.
I love you all! Thanks for keeping me updated!
Elder Jolley

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