Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Dear Family,
Thank you for the Birthday Package last week! You guys are so nice! Thank you so much, I was so happy to get it. It made it a good Birthday day. And sister Morphy is the best, she is so nice to the missionaries. She made cupcakes for mine and Elder Jensen's birthdays. The ward is so nice to the missionaries as a whole.

That is crazy that you had another big storm with houses being flooded, was anyone hit in the ward as hard as the last one I was there for? The back yard does look nice though even as a puddle.

Things like always are going well here. We have really been able to get good street lessons. I think that is a big tool to be able to do hear because people won't give you the time of day to ever come to their house. Having the trio is good too for that because we can surround people so they can't leave and they have to listen to us. haha No really it is good having a trio, the training is going good for them, they are awesome missionaries so it makes my job easy.

 I don't know if you guys have kept up with the latest missionary announcements but there have been quite a few. One that is going to be going into effect immediately is that we need to get side bags instead of backpacks. Our mission is doing away with backpacks as a whole. The mission president hasn't set a date of when we need to have them by but it is already going into effect. So that is something that I don't know how we will work out. I am sorry to put this extra burden on you guys! Do you think it woul be better to get one out here or do you guys know of good ones to get? Maybe the church is going to start making some that we could get? I am not sure but I just wanted to let you know.

 I love you all! I hope that things go well with Troy's interview, I hope the Caziers can keep hard enough books in Parkers hands, I'll pray for the city of enoch and it's flooding, Julene as well with her new life starting to go. Much love from Huntington Beach!
-Elder Jolley

P.S. look on the news about the down town Huntington Beach riots that happened Sunday night from the US open.

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