Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Dear  family,
Oh my goodness everyone is so cute! Shannon has gotten so big and Dustin has too. I think he looks kinda like me, atleast in that picture he does. The stairs the boys built look so good, I wish I could have helped them with it. You guys are having all the fun now that I am gone. I want to see more pictures of the yard if you have done more improvements in it. You are doing a good job Dad. I feel like I need to be there to watch over Julene and make sure these guys are okay for her! I said I expected a niece or nephew from her before I get home but actually she can't even get married. Same for Jessica. I need to supervise their male interactions. haha
Things have been continual good here. Always trying to improve and make ourselves better so that we aren't hindering the work. We spend most of our time trying to find people to teach since no one is progressing. I am glad we don't have a car so that we can always be on the street talking with everyone. Training with Elder Jensen has been going good. We are getting better and better every day as a companionship. He is a hard worker too. One of the other Elders that we share the ward with goes home a week from tuesday and it is sad seeing the process happening. I can sort of sympathize for you Julene, I am already not looking forward to that last week. Luckly it is far away! We have been trying to do alot more work with the members and we are already seeing improvements, the members here are awesome. I encourage you guys to get to know the missionaries in that area and support them. I don't know how they function in that mission but haveing members to work with is awesome. I am sure you all are so good at sharing the gospel with those you have in your everyday life. Even if they are already members, it is amazing to see members strengthening each other and how reaching the effects are. I love you all! Keep up with your daily missionary work. You are just as important of a missionary as I am. have a good week!
Elder Jolley

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