Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 19, 2013

I have the best family in the world! I love you all. I did receive the envelope that defiantly had no chance of getting lost in the mail haha I really appreciate the help, sorry if it put any stress on you guys. I sure hope that I am growing and maturing! If I let all the experiences I am having flow on by with out learning and growing then boy, I have a long life ahead of me ;)

It is crazy to hear that I only have 18 months left. It's a long time, a whole sister mission, but I have already served 6 months, that went by so fast. I love quotes and good ensign talks or doctrinal speeches and addresses. I LOVE THEM so keep them coming. That goes for the whole family. In fact it would be nice (I told Dad this) if you send those sort of things to dear elder they will send them to me on paper and then I can put them in my binder of that kind of stuff. That would be way nice actually. Just a thought.

 Jayci is getting so big! Already has her ears pierced. I don't even have mine done yet, and i'm an old man. Jayden is the man, getting all the girls to sign his cast. It reminds me of the song "cause the chicks dig it". How are the Youngs likeing New Zeland? It's colder than desirable for them it sounds like but I bet they love it. That is a blessing for the window for 'little guy' (truck), he is a trooper, nothing will take him down (now that i'm gone).

It was interesting just coming and sitting down to email I was sitting next to a guy and talking with him and he was baptized to the true church in his 20 and now (25yrs later, not active) but very nice and heard his story out and it is sad to see how people in the world try to find happiness. They get in a vicious cycle of having a trial and try to get out of it by seeking worldly outs that appear to lift them out of the trial... until they realize they are in a worse position after trying the worldly way. And then being in a even worse spot still think the worldly route out of the hole they have dug is still going to get them out but really it is a quick rockslide to the bottom. I don't understand the worlds logic.

 Me and Elder Edwards have really grown closer as a companion ship and did very will this week in 2 areas. We boosted our member present lessons and also we got 5 new investigators this week! That is people we teach lessons to and they give us a specific return appointment. That is a huge huge break thru for this area and us. We were way excited.

 Yesterday it was sad, we were down by PCH and saw cops cars and areas taped off so naturally we gravitated towards it and there was an accident. A guy driving a motorcycle way too fast rear ended a jeep and you can imagine what happened. We walked up fairly close because we felt like we need to talk to 3 people standing on the corner and they ended up being the people in the jeep and so we were able to comfort them and have a prayer with them. It is crazy to see the different things that happen to people in life. I am so grateful for the knowledge we have through the gospel. It makes life so much easier when you do go through hard times. And it makes you even happier in the good times. Again I just don't understand the worlds logic.

This is probably my longest letter yet! I hope you're proud. I love you all so much, I hope you have a great week. I know it will be in sunny 70 degrees Huntington Beach ;

Love, Elder Jolley

(doing a free carwash service project)

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