Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013

Sorry I was unable to email last week! Hopefully you all didn't get too worried, all is well. Again thank you so much for the pictures, I love getting those. This week has been a good one. It's been a week full of finding and I'll tell you about a few interesting people we ran into. Well first off there was a lady at church last week that was very interesting. After sacrament meeting we walk out and there is a homeless lady on the couch. The first councilor tried talking with her but she wouldn't give him her name and wouldn't talk to him at all so we decided to try and talk with her. She was wearing a sweatshirt as her pants. I felt bad. She also had the weird contacts in that made her have all white eyes except her pupils. She was kinda scaring the kids. But we started talking to her but she wouldn't talk to us either really. So invited her to class and convinced her to come in. That was good, she actually started to participate a little, her questions were a little off though. It was going well untill we read a passage of scripture and she interpreted it to mean that she wasn't going to heaven? So the teacher tried to tell her otherwise and talk it out but then she lost it and started talking loudly/at times yelling kind of about her life. She had a pretty rough life. She talked about her Dad dieing and she still had his obituary in her backpack, and her family ex husband... ect a lot of bad stuff and then just got up and walked out. So we obviously got up and followed her out and ended up talking with her for another hour or so about all of that and trying to help her. But she was not all mentally there, it was a tough situation but she ended up saying "I am going to get up and go to the bathroom and wipe away these tears and then I am going to leave." So that is what she did. After she was gone there was another bishop that came out of his office and we talked to him about her and she had actually been to their ward for about the past month and he was also the agent bishop. They had talked to her a lot to and she is just not mentally stable. It is tough to see people in that kind of situation and try to help them but there is no way to. All you can do is your best. There are A TON of different ethnicities  here too. I think I have talked with people from every area of the world. This week we have talked with quite a few Indian Seiks. We also talked with a 10 year free mason and we are very excited to go back and teach him again. It is just a melting pot of everything out here. A lot of great learning opportunities. But you are able to see what types of people are nicer and who will actually talk with you. It is funny how different people react and how you have to work with and handle people differently. I hope all is well at home! Tomorrow I will have been out for 7 months, it is flying too fast! Have a good week! Love you all!
Elder Jolley

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